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Driver Training Costs (The California state minimum is six hours of driving instruction)
Course Cost - $80hr
Total Cost for Driver Training Session - $480

The driver training program is competency based which involves driving instruction, observation of drivers and practice with parents. Ideally, the practice with the instructor and observation driving will take place over three to four months. The teen will greatly benefit from ongoing, daily guidance from parents and distributed practice with the instructor over a period of time.

The California state minimum is six hours of driving instruction. The fee for each hour of instruction is $80. The total cost to complete the driver training session is $480. Payment may be made directly to the instructor at the time of the lesson (pay as you go) or in advance. If paying in advance please send check to 17-Mile Driving School. Use our contact page for mailing information.

Criteria for Enrollment

  • Successfully complete driver education
  • Pass DMV knowledge test and obtain instruction permit
  • Meet with instructor and validate permit (1st lesson)
  • Parents willing to assist son or daughter in obtaining driving skills by providing practice time (minimum 50 hours)
  • Provide transportation to and from driver training lesson where necessary (pick-up & drop-off in some situations)

Upon Completion

  • Satisfactorily complete a minimum of 6hrs. driving practice with instructor, including a road test
  • Obtain Driver Training Completion form from instructor (DL 400D)
  • Make DMV appointmen for Behind the Wheel road test 800-777-0133 or (must have permit for 6 months)
As a parent, you should keep in mind that passing a drive test does not mean a person is necessarily a good driver. Good driving habits must be practiced over a long period of time. Give your son or daughter every opportunity to gain experience with a licensed driver age 25 or older.
As a student, you agree to abide by the instructors “in car rules”. If your conduct is not appropriate this contract may be canceled and fee forfeited.

Thank you and see you in the driver's seat,

Kristen Kellermyer
License #4330
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"Today my daughter passed her driving test with flying colors due to Kristen's thorough instruction and innovative teaching techniques.  I rode along during a driving lesson and...

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