PostHeaderIcon Seniors and Driver Rehabilitation Course

Costs for Senior Driver Rehabilition - $95hr
Please make checks payable to 17 Mile Driving School.

You may be aware that changes to our bodies affect how we drive a car. Are your eyes having trouble adjusting to night glare and depth perception? Are you less alert and now your reaction time is slower? Are you nervous because DMV has requested a retest before renewing your license?

The way to remain on the road for as long as safely possible is to make choices to compensate for physical changes due to age or physical ailment or disability. Become more aware of the risks of driving and actions of other roadway users. Practice your good habits of visual search, space management, road rules and adjusting for the conditions. Finally, commit to a self evaluation and enroll in a one hour workshop and one on one road review. The purpose of the workshop and review is to enhance your good driving habits and make you more observant, cautious and confident while on the road.

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"Kristen is a rare combination of driving instructor. She is knowledgeable, confident and an effective communicator. My daughter Emily learned a great deal and has become an excellent driver! Dri...
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