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17-Mile Driving School’s program is competency based which requires parent/guardian involvement.

Parents are provided with information regarding the licensure process, tips and coaching for practice riding and or driving and a parent-teen contract.

Parents are encouraged to set rules in a helpful, supportive way and to tell their teen that the Graduated Driver License (GDL) and cell phone restrictions aren’t about control, it’s about safety and love.

According to recent research reported by journal Pediatrics, teens who said their parents set clear rules and monitored their whereabouts without being overly controlling had half as many crashes and much better driving habits.

Please use the Parent and Guardian weblinks we have provided. Our links provide free downloadable resources and awareness information.


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"Kristen is a rare combination of driving instructor. She is knowledgeable, confident and an effective communicator. My daughter Emily learned a great deal and has become an excellent driver! Dri...
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